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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Elves and the dreams of catkins

I put on my winter coat and there in the pocket was a map of Hafnarfjörður, and I wondered, as I wandered around Richmond Park, whether there might be signs of elves there too.

I walked through leaves and hid inside trees, and got covered in mud when dogs jumped up to greet me, and parakeets squawked and crows meandered, and in the distance I could see the Trellick Tower.

I walked back to Richmond after that, and ate a cherry bakewell ice-cream.

Now I am home again, playing with Markov chains:

It was then that I felt more cheerful, as we swapped tales about our lives and listened to songs about Southampton. "It's great to be back too."

The shop was filled with sandwiches, and people, not local people, not tourists, just people, no grand divide between them like there was in my town. There were all kinds of colours, and they look weird and glistening right now, somehow surreal like the shop should be selling something else entirely.

The girl with the beret forgets about the dark shade of blue she sees in front of the bus.

I saw a few stones on the ground next to Dora and Howie and took a path instead of a road and discovered revealing messages on scraps of paper from other travellers, such as, "I feel that protocol will pay you from tomorrow". After getting into the true holiday spirit of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, travelling right and left, right and left, I eventually ended up back in another playing field and climbed over a fence to get to the club. Realised we're a bit early and there's only about 10 people there. We got the wrong Worple Way. The one we wanted was in Mortlake!

If my dreams are practically the same as that for catkins, they do not feel so self-conscious taking photos in libraries, in department stores, and so on.

"We deserve lots of jam," the postbox said, "but it will be okay - you will get there soon."
"That is a relief," said Amaryllis, "we might as well just go to the Pembury Tavern or the Foundry, or perhaps pub-crawl between the two?"

"Lie underneath the sea," he suggested, "then you might be able to see the lecture."

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(Deleted comment)
Ooh yes, perhaps! There was also just one glove in the coat pocket - the other I lost in Iceland and may well be used by elves for something by now.

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