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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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At the Horniman Museum, my mum and I played musical instruments and stared at enchanted lyres, hurdy-gurdies and brachiopods. It was cold outside, but the sound garden lured us to play anyway.

The last time I visited the Horniman Museum was over 20 years ago and I mostly remember looking at masks then, and my godmother being there.

A sign in the garden, saying "Please don't walk on the flower beds, the worms are sleeping":


We took a bus to Catford and said, "hello" to the cat there, before going to Lewisham and wandering around there for a while.

Catford Cat

I wore a cream dress, with different things on it- crabs, octopuses, boats, shells, compasses, seahorses, starfish and so on. I bought it while I was in Swansea. Underneath it, I wore a black thermal vest and black jeggings. I also wore a black jacket from Strawberry Bunny.

In the picture, I am holding Mars:

Looking at Mars

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Did holding Mars help you work, rest, and play?

Not so much.. should I have tried eating it?

Eating Brockley might be better for you?

Nice dress of sea things :)
I went through catford and past the horniman yesterday too, but i stopped at neither.

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