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Highest stations

I've been contemplating visiting some of the highest railway stations. I have already visited the highest station in Europe (Jungfraujoch in Switzerland), but I haven't visited Dent (highest mainline railway station in England), nor Courrour (highest mainline railway station in the UK).

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I highly recommend Corrour. Been several times. Get the sleeper up from London, and you arrive mid morning, and, if the weather complies, it is gloriously beautiful and isolated.

Plus I recommend this place:
I stayed there for a week back in 1989 with a school walking group and it was brilliant. It doesn't look like it's changed a great deal since then either :-)

I hope you've also been to Hampstead station on the tube which iirc is the lowest.

What a great idea! Do you plan to stay at those places, or just hop off the train and onto the next one (assuming there is a next one!)?

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