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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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I carried a yard of jaffa cakes to Limehouse Town Hall for Dorkbot on Friday.

I then listened to talks on subjects such as: a snowflake LED display for a shopping centre in Hong Kong, emotive wearables, naked mole rats, session music generated with the use of neural nets (and listened to songs it had created such as “The humours of time pigeon”), and playing music with pedestrian crossings and gas holders.

I tried out some of the demos: a doll’s head that you could touch and then a picture would be drawn, a photo booth controlled with a child’s learning table, and a picture frame where you could hold a picture up to and it would tell you a story related to the picture.

I also made a Sputnik bauble, which is now hanging on my Christmas tree.

deathboy and I decided we will try to collaborate on a project to make a musical ball pit that we can take to EMFCamp.

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We still need to make a clever and funny name for the musical/reactive ball pit :)

We very much do! Should we post on Facebook / Twitter about it?

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The talk was by Rain Ashford and she talked about some of the projects she mentions on her blog such as the ThinkerBelle EEG Amplifying Dress: https://rainycatz.wordpress.com

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