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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Sputniks, phreaking, books

I stared inside spaceships and at sputniks at the Cosmonauts exhibition at the Science Museum on Saturday, with tackline.

I felt nostalgic for Fidonet and dial up BBSs after seeing Simon Denny's Products for Organising exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery. There was a print out of part of Fido News, a list of BBSs, "Save Kevin" memorabilia, a Cap'n Crunch whistle, Tux soft toys, and a variety of other things related to hacking and tech culture and so on.

I ate mulled wine ice-cream in Covent Garden and looked up at a Christmas tree made of Disney soft toys at St Pancras.

I didn't manage to stroke an invisible cat.

I visited Foyles, and wandered amongst the books, flicking through the pages, wondering if I should learn Norwegian, or fold hexaflexagons, or design things to be 3D printed, or visit Cappadocia, or read Japanese poetry or comic books.

Disney tree

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