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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What I ate and drank for the first time in 2015

What did you eat in 2015 that you’d never eaten before? What did you drink in 2015 that you’d never drunk before?


Watermelon radish

Bakeable sweet potato kitkat
Bakeable pumpkin kitkat
Bakeable cheesecake kitkat
Citrus golden blend kitkat
Chocolate with bergamot

Ice-cream / ice lollies:
Blue sky caramel ice-cream
Saffron ice-cream
Cornish blue cheese and walnut ice-cream
Raspberry, tea and cake nitro ice-cream
Cantuccini and vin santo, and amarena croccante ice creams in a brioche bun
Damson and sour cream ice-cream
Quince and moscato d'Asti ice-cream
Mulled wine ice-cream
Panettone ice-cream
Dried yeast ice-cream
Strawberry and basil ice lolly

Other sweet things:
Bright purple taro cake
Tiramisu mochi
Espresso macaron with whipped blue cheese
A giant custard cream
A cronut
Smoked paprika fudge
Spinach cake

Happy hemp burger
Corn pudding
Cactus omelette
Yakisoba in a brioche bun
Tarragon sponge
Mushroom and truffle steamed buns
Chengdu street tofu
Quail egg croquette puff
Yunnan style fried cheese
Shaanxi honeycomb oat noodles
Prosecco and elderberry crisps

Rosemary mojito
Cucumber soda
Cinnamon punch
Coffee berry and hibiscus soda
Rose lemonade tea
Gingerbread green tea
A Brazilian Monk
Gin and tonic mist (not really drinking)

Previous lists: 2013 and 2014.

What did you eat or drink for the first time this year? (No animals, please.)
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This is handy because I've been keeping a list! Some of these might be local Hawaiian names.

* Green Papaya Salad
* Longans
* Tree grapes
* purple sweet potatoes
* Abiu
* Taro
* Aloe
* Mountain Apple
* Poi
* Sugar cane
* soursop
* cacao pods
* ice cream cake (from KTA)

The nicest things there were the abiu and the green papaya salad, and the least nice things were the poi and the soursop.

I have also made lots of recipes I haven't tried before, but I haven't kept a list of those.

Oh, and Skyr of course, now it has come to the UK. It is very good with honey :)

I've quite a long list, but they are all animal-related, going to a challenging chinese resturant lately.

But, I can list Erguotou which is a chinese liquor which I quite like. Later in the year I read (OK, audibled) the Three Body Problem and was quite pleased when they went out to drink shots of Ergoutou and I knew what it was.

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