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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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2015 Summary - Tube walks, trees, etc

Lists of some of the things I did in 2015 - Tube Walks, Open House Weekend, trees, Flâneurs challenges, SFZero tasks, NaNoGenMo, NaArMaMo:

I attended the following tube walks:
111. Moorgate to Old Street
112. Morden to South Wimbledon
114. North Ealing to Ealing Common
115. North Wembley to South Kenton
116. Northwick Park to Preston Road
117. Northwood to Northwood Hills

I visited the following during Open House London weekend:
1. Tower 42
2. Guildhall
3. Barbican Platform Garden
4. Abbey Mills Pumping Station
5. Pudding Mill Lane Crossrail
6. Trellick Tower
7. 37A Leamington Road Villas
8. New West End Synagogue
9. Embassy of the Slovak Republic
10. St Leonard's Air Raid Shelter
11. Kilmorey Mausoleum
12. Rudolf Steiner House
13. Antony Gormley's ROOM at the Beaumont

I saw some of the Great Trees of London and some other interesting trees:
Marylebone Elm
Battersea Park Hybrid Strawberry Tree
Osterley Park Cork Oak
Fulham Palace Holm Oak
Bleeding yew in Nevern, Pembrokeshire.

I completed the following Flâneurs Dreamwidth Community challenges in June:
I.(c) From Westminster Cathedral to Wanstead Flats
II.(c) The Hogsmill Walk
II .(d) A beer glass walk in Nottingham
III. (d) Led by a watch around Waterloo

I did the following SFZero tasks:
Something Fishy
Digital -> Analogue

I participated in NaNoGenMo and naarmamo:
Generated a novel of 50,000 words in the month of November.
Created some art in August: NaArMaMo photos.

2014, 2013 and 2012 for comparison.