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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Rainbows, tunnels, and a wild Pikachu

On Thursday, I saw a rainbow rose as I walked past a florist, and then later, an actual rainbow appeared in the sky! Later that evening, I made rainbow coloured paper flowers because I had a lot of left over tissue paper to use up. I tried adding LEDS to make them glow, but they were a bit too dim for it to work well.

I ate a bánh mì for the first time! At my office, every Friday, teams take it in turns to order lunch for everyone, and last Friday included bánh mì with tofu.

On Saturday afternoon, I went to The London Fortean Society’s Subterranean Saturday, and listened to talks on urban legends of the London Underground, secret tunnels of England, and the occult underground. The secret tunnels talk was the one that interested me the most, as I enjoy visiting such places and hearing about the existence of secret tunnels.

That evening, I went to Mario! A Super Musical. This was an amusing musical that involved the Super Mario Brothers and other Nintendo characters. Princess Peach decided that she no longer wanted to be rescued and would stand up for herself, Pikachu got tired of her Pokemon Trainer telling her what to do and left, Mario got kidnapped and Luigi wanted to take the lead, Falco and Toad fell in love, and of course, there were appearances of Sonic the Hedgehog!

On Sunday, I visited Crossness, a glorious Victorian pumping station, which I visited with a group of excellent friends and we wandered through the desolate marshes, and went on a bus ride through Plumstead/Thamesmead/etc, and saw brutalist buildings and horses roaming next to tower blocks.