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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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LiveJournal/Dreamwidth posting events I am thinking of doing:

Clay - In May, I intend to post some photos of what I'm wearing, and descriptions of the clothes, and maybe I'll even tell you about what I've been doing on that day.

Flâneurs June Challenges - In June, I intend to do some of the Flâneurs Community June Challenges, which may involve getting on the first bus that comes along, going for walks, and so on.

Anyone else thinking of participating in either of these also?

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I'll be attempting at least one flan if I'm well enough, although I'm feeling generally unenthused about getting out and about this year. /needs moar boats

Hope you are feeling well enough and enthused enough!

Boats, yay!

You can always post a picture of what a boat is wearing as a combined Clay/Flâneurs challenge. :)

I'm intending to try the bus challenge again, I lost my notes from the last time I did it.

I was thinking about Clay, even though I don't have a wide range of clothes with me, since I've got a new set of backdrops and places to explore. And I'd forgotten about the Flâneurs thing, but that would work well in a new place too, so I should give it a go...

I'm hoping to do at least one of the flans, preferably more. I have it in my diary to post a reminder on the community early next month.

as always i intend to do some flanage.

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