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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Rennes Metro Walk 1: Anatole France to Pontchaillou

As I was missing Tube walk 126: Ravenscourt Park to Stamford Brook (with the tubewalkers) due to being in Rennes, France, I decided to do a Rennes Metro Walk with grandedgemaster.

The Rennes Metro system consists of only one line. The first station alphabetically was Anatole France, so that was our starting point and we walked to Pontchaillou from there, via an indirect route.

I told grandedgemaster that on tube walks, we often walk through parks, sometimes see graffiti and sometimes find horses, and we almost managed those on this walk!

Anatole France was apparently a poet, journalist and novelist. There is also a metro station in Paris named Anatole France.

This is the sign outside the station for Anatole France:
Anatole France

This is the station:
Anatole France station

A sign near the station:

We walked towards the canal, and these were some of the signs we saw on the way:

"Craving freedom":
Envie de liberté!

"When urban art is inspired by massive urbanisation":
Quand l'art urbain

A building we passed:

And then a man with a donkey walked past! We reached the canal and there were quite a few people jogging.

We walked underneath a bridge with graffiti:
Underneath the bridge

Here's the canal:

Reflections of buildings in the canal:




Street art:

We walked through a park and then somehow ended up in what seemed like someone's garden.

Then by the canal again for a bit, past the graveyard, and a busy road, and then past a church.

Then we reached our destination, Pontchaillou! The station reminded me of a DLR station.

Pontchaillou Station

This was the route we took:
Rennes Metro walk 1: Route

More photos on Flickr: Rennes Metrowalk.

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Random walking: the best way to see most cities. Looks from the caps as if you had a visually stimulating flan.

"When urban art is inspired by massive urbanisation"

And as a pun: "When urban art is inspired by the urbanisation massive".

Excellent Tube Walking skills! I didn't even know Rennes had a metro. We went to the Thames and you found a lovely canal, so our walks had something in common.

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