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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What I did in November 2016


On the first of November, I went to the Royal Festival Hall after work, for Design History Reading Club. There were 7 of us - 6 UX designers and 1 scientist, and we discussed two papers:

Man, Machines and the World About - Robert Wiener. (1954).

Man-Computer Symbiosis - J.C.R. Licklider. (1960). 

The Royal Festival Hall was busy, so we ended up finding a space in the children's poetry reading space, next to the poetry library, and sat on little benches amongst books on tigers and machines.


I met up with a few of my team mates and our old manager and shared tales of offices.

I attended a work conference and one interesting thing I saw was a stand that had gas and electricity meters that had been tampered with, and you had to figure out what was wrong with them. I also played hook a duck.

I had coffee with my mum and brother, and then went to the Tate Modern to see the latest Turbine Hall exhibition, and watched as some lights flashed and some sounds played.

I tried the Pret vegan Christmas baguette.

I went to Berny's "see you soon" drinks. During the pub quiz, I learnt that the durian and the mango are both known as the "King of Fruits".

I caught the Eurostar to Lille and then from there a train to Rennes and then met grandedgemaster. I enjoyed the journey and staring out of the window at fields and windmills. That night, we ate some galettes and crepes and drank some cider.

I went on a Rennes Metro Walk: Anatole France to Pontchaillou.

I explored Rennes - the colourful crooked buildings with wooden beams, the public art- a giant radish, a space invader, colourful breasts, the park - with a waterfall to commemorate the public water supply being turned on, a grotto, and I sat on a bench in Hell (apparently it was once used as a boating lake by monks with canoes, and to discourage them from this enjoyment, the area was given the name of "Hell"). A few butterflies flew past. I ate a delicious eclair. I looked at the cathedral, at parliament, at shops selling Totoro onesies and cross-stitched Pikachus.

I caught a bus from Rennes to Le Mont-St-Michel. I have visited St Michael's Mount in Cornwall, but had not visited its French counterpart before. It is bigger than the Cornish one. Some days, the sea doesn't actually reach the island at all, as it can go out 15 kilometres from the coast. When it does come in, it comes in fast. I visited the abbey and the church on the island, and ate a galette and a crepe in a restaurant there. It was a rainy and misty day, and the island vanished into the mist.

I travelled on three different metro systems in the same day (Rennes, Paris and London).

I bought light up shoes! They charge via USB port! There is a button to swap the colour, or they can just change colours!

I went to doseybat's party to say farewell to pyrokaren.

I went on an engineering tour of Tower Bridge with grandedgemaster. As well as walking across the glass floors, we were taken into the bascule chamber, and also into a former control room, and looked around the museum.

I organised a board games night in the office, and played Fluxx, Chinatown and Forbidden Island and ate bucks fizz crisps.

I saw Your Name at the cinema with doseybat and we had dinner at the Tokyo Diner.

I went to Silicon Milk Roundabout and talked to people from various companies.

I visited the new Lego shop at Leicester Square and got a Lego passport. I also went inside a Lego tube train and a Lego phone box.

I caught up with friends at the Windsor Castle and it was good to see them there. Thanks for coming all!


I reached level 13 on Ingress!

The 5th of November was Mission Day in Canterbury. Hundreds of Ingress players from both factions appeared in Canterbury and attempted to complete at least 12 of the 24 missions. A mission is basically a set of locations that you need to walk to. In total, I completed 18 missions, and walked 16 miles! I also had a quick look around the cathedral.

I walked around Richmond, following the "Richmond Ramble" banner route on Ingress, around the green and past the palace, and along the river and over the bridge.

I walked around Richmond Park, past deer and parakeets, for the "Richmond Stag" banner.

I met up with grandedgemaster and we walked along the north bank, doing an Ingress mission.

I also did the banner "Ballade dans le centre de Rennes", while in France, and the Bruce Lee banner and the Soho Rainbow banner in London.

Photos on Flickr: Rennes and Le Mont-St-Michel.