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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What I ate and drank for the first time in 2016


White chocolate mash
Mac & cheese with cacao nib pastry
Raspberry, rose and hibiscus kitkat
Butterscotch, pretzel and pecan kitkat
Rich cherry bakewell tart kitkat

Ice-cream profiterole
Beetroot nitro ice-cream, with dill and chocolate cake. (Eww!)
Matcha ice-cream with a candyfloss cloud

Other sweet things:
Mermaid lollipop
Cornflakes and milk lollipop
Brown cheese (brunost)
Bright green pandan cake
Creme egg toasties
Lavender cheesecake

Strawberry pepsi
Game themed cocktails (Deus Ex on the Beach! Skyrum! Final Fantas-tea XV!)
The House without a Key
A can of herbal tea (like Wong Lo Kat), which had ingredients in it such as heal-all and microcos.
A cocktail from a Frosties box, which contained crunchy nut cornflake infused rum
A cocktail that contained toast syrup.
Butterfly pea juice
Vimto cider
Cedro soda
Christmas cake liqueur
Black forest gateau liqueur
Palm wine

Vegan sesame prawn toasts
Bánh mì
Bitter melon omelette
Matcha green udon

A crisp sandwich with cream cheese, cucumber and salad cream flavoured crisps, with cheese and cucumber. (At the Crisp Sandwich cafe.)
Bucks fizz crisps
Toasted cheese and worcester sauce crisps
Sausage and brown sauce crisps
Bacon and ketchup crisps

What did you eat in 2016 that you’d never eaten before? What did you drink in 2016 that you’d never drunk before? (No animals please!)

Also, where in London might there be fruit that I've never tried before?

Raspberry, rose and hibiscus KitKat

Cocktail in a Frosties box

Previous years: 2015, 2014 and 2013.

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I ate Bakewell pudding in Hassop Station Cafe, Bakewell, Derbyshire. It was unpleasant. Bakewell tart is better.

I can't remember if I actually tried bakewell pudding or not. I definitely bought some, but somehow lost it, I remember that much. Maybe it's best I somehow lost it if it is not pleasant. :)

Durian! It was frozen, not fresh, and I made it into choc ices, which Bärli and I enjoyed but noone else did, and then I turned the rest into curry, which all my sauce-eaters liked.

I keep thinking I should try durian again. I have only tried durian wafers and they did make me nauseous, but want to try it in another form, as perhaps it will be better!

I tried durian wafers too, they weren't at all like the actual fruit when I got hold of some. It's related to jackfruit, which is particularly fine in barbeueu auce but good in lots of (savoury) dishes, so might be worth trying that first?

...I had poké , (at Tombo poke and matcha bar in Soho)
and Matcha tea
and a Matcha latte
and a Flat Green.

I made and ate a french-style grated carrot salad, known as Carottes Râpées

I tried some brown cheese, too.

A curry taro croquette (at Yauatcha)

I drank a cucumber soda - I think that was this year.

A white chocolate liqueuer.

Elderflower vinegar

Burrata cheese.

Yay for matcha!

I don't think I've tried burrata.. sounds good! Elderflower vinegar sounds interesting too.

I discovered that I do like Japanese sweets with red bean paste in them, but I don't like the ones with green tea in them! I'd expected it would be the other way round.

I quite like both! I have some aduki beans in my cupboard.. maybe I should attempt some kind of dessert recipe with them, hmm!

Various local-to-NZ fish, including blue cod, hoki and tarakihi, and I think I've had monkfish before but never battered and from a chippy. Also some traditional NZ delicacies like Kiwi dip, which is reduced cream mixed with condensed onion soup...

Kiwi dip sounds odd! Did it taste nice?

(Deleted comment)
Good question! I think more of, what would I want to try again? Probably salsify. It was about a year ago now that I ate some and don't really remember what it was like!

I think I started drinking coffee when I was 19. I hated it before then, but I read Douglas Coupland novels and concluded that was something I should be doing when I was 20. It was also when I went to my first Starbucks and discovered mocha. I couldn't handle plain old coffee back then, but a mixture of chocolate/coffee, with the top covered in cream, seemed acceptable. :)

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