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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Updated things to do list

Things I might like to do:

1. Slide down the ArcelorMittel Orbit.
2. Go on a tour of public toilets in London. (Loo Tours).
3. Look at interesting fungi on a fungi foray.
4. Listen to bats on a bat walk.
5. Visit Ernö Goldfinger's modernist home - 2 Willow Road.
6. Visit the Museum of Brands and Packaging.
7. Visit Markfield Beam Engine and Museum.
8. Travel by amphibious vehicle. (Duck Tour.)
9. Climb a big tree. (Alexandra Palace?)
10. Go mudlarking. (Deptford Creek?)
11. Visit Severndroog Castle.
12. Swim in Hampstead ponds.
13. Get lost in a maze at Hampton Court Palace
14. Jump into the air, at the Acton trampoline park.
15. Make Lego robots. (Drink, Shop, Do).
16. Hide inside a bunker in Uxbridge.
17. Visit some of the Great Trees of London. (I think I have 1 Central, 9 East, 4 North, 6 South left to see.)
18. Find the Seven Noses of Soho and be wealthy for evermore.
19. Drink cocktails in the Heron tower and stare out over London.
20. Climb through a fridge to get to the bar. (Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town).
21. Eat food in the dark. (Dans le noir).
22. Get lost in a maze at Crystal Palace.
23. Drink a freakshake.
24. Eat fancy crisps at a restaurant. (HipChips).
25. Eat vegan fried chicken at Temple of Seitan.
26. Go paddleboarding. (Hampton Wick?)
27. Make concrete jewellry at the Museum of London. (16th February.)
28. Go scuba diving.
29. Drink rock-salted cheese tea at Happy Lemon.
30. Visit the Charterhouse.

1. Stare at robots at the Robots exhibition at the Science Museum (8 February to 3 September)
2. Jump on a bouncy castle at the Pumphouse Gallery.
3. Stare at maps at the Maps and the 20th Century exhibition at the British Library. (Until 1st March.)
4. See the Terrains of the Body exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery. (Until April 16th.)
5. See the Peter Liversidge exhibition at Kate Macgarry. (Until February 18th.)
6. See vending art at the Vending Machine Art Gallery Show at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. (Until March 26th.)
7. See Sussex Modernism - Retreat and Rebellion exhibition at Two Temple Place. (Until 23rd April.)
8. Stare at performative artworks and holographic AV installations at Kinetica. (Feb 17 - 19th.)

I already have tickets for:
1. Futuro House.
2. Nine Worlds.
3. Highgate Station Hidden London tour.

1. Look for seals on a boat trip from Sandwich.
2. Hide in the bunker in Gravesend.
3. Take the Tilbury ferry to Tilbury fort from Gravesend.
4. Take a boat trip to the Maunsell sea forts.
5. Walk through the wartime tunnels underneath the White Cliffs of Dover.

1. Visit the Devil's Arse and explore the caves, and go on a boat ride 450m under Castleton to the Bottomless Pit.
2. Climb to the top of Snowdon, or perhaps just get the train up.
3. Look for Nessie at Loch Ness.
4. Visit the Highlands.
5. Take a train to the highest mainline railway station in England, Dent.
6. Take a train to the highest mainline railway station in the UK, Courrour.
7. Visit Orkney.

Further afield:
1. Scuba dive or snorkel amongst shipwrecks.
2. Take photographs underwater.
3. See icebergs.
4. Snowshoe in Transylvania.
5. Walk around the Amazon jungle.
6. Take a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway.
7. Visit Mongolia, Venice, Barcelona, Finland, Greenland, Easter Island, Myanmar, Bolivian salt flats, Norway fjords in summer, Cappadocia, Pripyat, Machu Picchu, Antarctica.
8. Go sailing.

Already booked to go to:
FOSDEM in Brussels.

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Epping Forest fungi forays are awesome! and they do ID courses.

Thanks for the recommendation! I must remember to get around looking at it nearer the time. Perhaps should put a reminder in my calendar or something, as they tend to be more around Autumn time.

I imagine you have probably been because you've been almost everywhere, but just in case - Two Temple Place is open until April (it's only open for visiting when there's an exhibition on) http://twotempleplace.org/visit/hours/
You'd like it I think, especially if you can get a tour (for the stories about the details).

I've visited Two Temple Place, although haven't been on a tour. Also, the exhibition sounds like it might be interesting, so will add that to my list, thanks! :)

I can heartily recommend the Museum of Brands and Packaging. Make sure you leave a lot of time for it, because once you get there you'll want to stay until you've seen everything (and there is definitely a lot to see).

And if you ever make plans to go to Pripyat, let me know if you want company. I've always wanted to go myself.

I'd always wondered if the Museum of Brands and Packaging was actually worth going to.. but it sounds like it is then? :)

Pripyat would be interesting. No plans as yet, but hopefully one day..

It's difficult to get to snorkel on shipwrecks, as anything that near the surface quickly gets broken up by the action of waves and tides; they're normally a minimum of 10 - 15 m down. if you do any dive training in the UK, though, you'll be on shipwrecks almost straight away.

I saw a few places that advertised that you could snorkel and look at shipwrecks, which was why I was thinking of it, but yes, diving to shipwrecks sounds like a much better idea! I should get around to actually booking that try dive.

Where was that, out of curiosity? I guess if somewhere's quite sheltered it might be possible, or if there's really clear water so you can see down to depths.

If you're up for company on any of these I would be up for London numbers 1, 12 & 14 at least, possibly more.

Excellent! I remember seeing on your FB that you were thinking of doing some of those, so maybe we can try to organise between us and pick dates that we can both make, so at least if no-one else wants to go, at least both of us will be there?

This is an excellent list. We walked past Pump House Gallery yesterday and it was still thoroughly closed, alas! Oh, but remind me in the summer and we can either accompany you on a bat walk in Battersea or lend you the bat radio.

Edited at 2017-01-30 05:30 pm (UTC)

I am sad that the Pump House is closed and I cannot bounce! I hope it will open again before the exhibition is supposed to end.

I will put a note in my calendar to get in touch with you in the summer about bats. :)

I’d also like to go to the Museum of Brands and Packaging!

Cool! We shall have to figure out a plan to go there sometime. :)

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