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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Brussels- Stations and metros

I like noticing the small differences when I visit different countries. In Brussels, I noticed the ticket machines with a dial to turn to select your ticket and the escalators that don't start moving until you get on them.

I stood at a station, waiting for a metro, and there was music playing, and that made me feel somehow like I was in a movie.

Brussels has a pre-metro, as well as a metro, and these are actually trams that may go underground. I thought I had got on the metro, but later found it was actually a tram (pre-metro).

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The Brussels ticket machines reminded me of the DLR ones before they got touch screens. Their help points are the same as the small rectangular ones on certain UK rail networks but it appeared they were replacing them when I was last there.

Is the Brussels metro still more... fragrant than the tube?

I think the metro smelt fine! Although perhaps I wasn't quite paying attention to the smell.

Cool! I found it smelled like people people treated it as if it were a urinal :/

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