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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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The Lucky London Sparkle Drink

Task completion for SFZero: (Not) Energy Drink)

Everything seemed to be going wrong this year, from a leaking roof and a drenched bed, to leaking gas pipes and having no gas for a few weeks (no hot water, heating, oven), to hurting my foot by stepping on a plug, to having a cold, a pesky cold. I wanted things to improve. I wanted my luck to change.

I visited Waitrose and found some ingredients that claimed to bring luck:

Lemony Lemonade, which says on the back of it "Get lucky" and "If life gives you lemons, change your luck with a lemony lemonade." Obviously a lucky drink.

Rosemary, which says on the front, "Symbol of love, good luck and friendship."

I also bought some ingredients that were sparkly:

Cawston Press Rhubarb, which says on the back, "We press the finest rhubarb, lovingly blend it with our crisp apple juice & simply add some sparkle".

Stardust. "Not just for fairy cakes".

I also decided to add some London rain, which I collected a few drops of in a bowl, as it was raining at the time, to add a little London essence to the drink.


Back of the Lemony Lemonade and the Rhubarb:

Lemony Lemonade and Cawston Press Rhubarb

I added the lemony lemonade, the rhubarb, and the London rain together in a glass, then added a sprig of rosemary. Then I sprinkled the stardust over the rosemary and into the drink and it started bubbling! It looked a bit like molten metal at this point.

Bubble, bubble:

Lucky London Sparkle Drink

Lucky London Sparkle Drink

The drink tasted nice and I wanted to add stardust to everything after that. Cottage pie with stardust for dinner, followed by marmalade on toast ice-cream, with stardust, perhaps?

I began to feel luckier then and there, sipping the Lucky London Sparkle Drink.
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I love this and hope your luck changes for the better

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