Squirmelia (squirmelia) wrote,

Cathedrals and the rapture

That afternoon, she mostly visited places of worship in Helsinki.

She visited the Uspenski Cathedral, red bricked and green roofed, and then the Lutheran Cathedral, white and neoclassical.

She visited the Kamppi Chapel by the shopping centre, with large stones inside that were soft.

She visited the Temppeliaukion Kirkko (the rock church), which was the best place of worship she visited that day, built into the rock, with music playing in the background, and she sat there for a while, listening.

Then she went to an exhibition - Mystical Rapture, which had figures with buckets on their heads. The description said, "Mystical Rapture is about the moment when control lets you down. It seems to conjure up something forgotten or hidden."

Uspenski Cathedral:
Uspenski Cathedral

Lutheran Cathedral:
Lutheran Cathedral

Kamppi Chapel:
Kamppi Chapel

Temppeliaukion Kirkko:
Temppeliaukion Kirkko

Mystical Rapture:
Mystical Rapture


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